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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Musing: "Rain Drops"


Small, slivers, of serendipity slide down the window pane

Solitary speculative sojourners;  spiraling  stoutly toward their end.
10-15-14 by Mark R. Day, Copyright by Mark R. Day, all rights reseved

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Poem: Early Morning Choices

Early morning . . . . .
What will the new day bring . . . . .
Pondering the possibilities and the worrying about the realities . . . . .

Early morning . . . . .
Rising from your bed . . . . .
Giving thanks to God for another day of life . . . . .

Early morning . . . . .
The daily chance to begin anew . . . . .
A moment of decision a fork along the road . . . .

Early morning . . . . .
How will you proceed . . . . .
The world calls out and you must make a choice . . . . .

Early morning . . . . .
The opportunity to choose is ours . . . . .
Determining  the course our lives will take each day . . . . .

Early Morning . . . . .
Our lives renew . . . . .
It is thus for me and it is thus for you. . . . .

Written by Mark R. Day, copyright by Mark R. Day 10/12/14 all rights reserved

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Message: "Farewell Message as President of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter SAR"


As, I come to the end of my three years of service as President  of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter, I like General George Washington will soon pass the reigns of leadership to a successor. As, I take leave of my office, the many warm memories, which each of you have written on my  heart, have strengthened my sense of gratitude for the unique opportunity given to me as your President.  I myself merit no praise, but owe every success to the cheerful assistance, I have experienced, from you my friends and bothers, in our great cause to preserve the memory of our ancestors.  Like George Washington, I will soon also forego the honor of Commanding but also like him, I will never abandon my responsibility to serve my country or fail to support each of you and our chapter.  Washington told his men, that he was bound to them by duty and I, like the General, now offer my fidelity and stand ready to offer my services freely at your command.

Mark R. Day

President Thomas Jefferson Chapter

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quote: 'A way of living rather than fearing life"

As, I have often said "life is what happens while you are planning what to do with your life" Accept life for what it is; a grand adventure down an unknown river. Living is found in the plunges and twist that are around the next bend.

Stated and recorded by Mark R. Day 8-7-14. copyright by Mark R. Day 8-7-14, all rights reserved

Monday, July 14, 2014

Quote: Meditation On A New Day

As the sky begins to move from blackness to the steel blue of early morning; another day arrives. The curtain is rising on the renewal of possibilities; take a step forward and discover your destiny.

  Mark R. Day

 Copyright by Mark R. Day 7-14-14, all rights reserved

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Prayer: Morning Prayer 6-22-14

Morning Prayer  

Gracious and loving Lord we come before you today and open our hearts to your Devine will.  We are a diverse people oh lord, but we are also your people.  We ask that you hear our prayers and that you comfort those who are burdened with afflictions.  Be with the sick and grant them your healing graces, be with those who are in need of council and lead them on a path that will make them whole.  We ask that you  be with our Pastors as they travel home at the end of the Conference, that they may safely return to us.   Oh Lord we ask your blessings on the people of this world who find their lives torn and disrupted by war and famine.  Grant our leaders the wisdom to act out of concern and compassion as they deal with the mightily issues, which threaten the peace of the world.  Gracious God come amongst us and abide within us so that we might become the disciples that you intend us to be.  Give us the strength and the courage to face the obstacles which stand in our way as we travel on the road of Christian Service.  Lord we stand humble and awaiting your call.  We ask all of this in the Name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ the Keystone of our faith and salvation.
Ascribed to Mark R. Day 6-22-14

[Sermon] Message: 'The Character of Discipleship" [for Heritage United Methodist Church 11:00 Service 6-22-14]

Let us go to the Lord in prayer: 

Gracious God grant that the words, I use to communicate your message this morning will find meaning in their hearts of those gathered here today so that we may come closer to you and be prepared as disciples to do your work in both Lynchburg and the greater World.


Good morning to each of you and may the "Peace of God" be with you.

When Will first asked me to bring the message, while he and Meagan are at conference, I must admit feeling both a sense of excitement and  trepidation.    Stepping up and placing yourself in a new situation is not always easy.  However after a little soul searching, I found that this was an opportunity for me to answer a call from God and to serve my church.   When in due course Will and I meet to discuss the scripture for this morning, and I found the topic would be discipleship, my mind raced with thoughts on the meaning of Peters words and a quote, learned long ago,  from the writings of the Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther came to me.  "The human heart is like a millstone in a mill; when you put wheat under it, it turns and grinds the wheat into flour.  If you put no wheat in, it still grinds on, but then it is itself it grinds and slowly wears away." 

Now this may seem an odd quote but I feel it speaks to the very heart of today's text and the need for Christians to be engaged in discipleship.  Have any of you ever gone to an old mill and watched the grinding of wheat into flour.  The mill is alive with motion and activity as it completes its work.  In 1st peter 2:4-5 We are called to be living stones built into a spiritual house and offering spiritual sacrifices.  Each of us has been chosen by God to be living stones and as believers and followers of Christ we, like the Mill Stone, must grind wheat into flour through discipleship and service least we grind ourselves away until nothing is left but broken and worn away stone.

Now if you are like me the question you ask yourself is how can, I be a living stone?   For me the response was found in another quote from Martin Luther.  "Good works do not make a good man, but a good man does good works."   God call us because we are Christians, this is a consequence of faith and we never know when the call will come nor what form it will take.  

God's Call may come at work, in our home, at church, or anywhere  in the world around us.  Being a Christian means, that we are called to join as a community of believers ready to serve for any purpose that God has in mind.  Peter said the living stones were to be built into a spiritual house.  Such a house has no edge or end, no walls to confine, or to restrict our presence in the world.   And if that description is  true we need not  ask to what purpose our community of believers is being called to perform, but rather we should allow God to lead us as he will.  On our church's website we have a page for missions and at the top of that page we find this statement "The Mission Team seeks to put our call to service into action as the hands and feet of Christ we reach out to our community in love and service. "  If you go to that page you will see many of examples of the living stones at work in our church, but so much more can and should be accomplished.   Everyone of us is called to discipleship, Peter calls it the holy priesthood, which will offer sacrifices acceptable to God in the pursuit of God's Holy will

To be a faithful Disciple we must be willing to  witness  to others the virtue of Service to God.  Christian Discipleship  is more than coming to church.  Singing and reading the words in the hymnal does not fulfill the call to discipleship because discipleship is an active response to the call of God, that will make transformative demands on us as we live out our belief and faith in order to proclaim and expand the community of  Christian.  I know, that it is simpler to say be a disciple than to be one.  We all experience trepidation when faced with unknown outcomes  but if we believe, that becoming a living stone is a joyful experience, which will enrich life and that God never calls us in vain we can overcome all obstacles to discipleship.  Belief is knowing he always has a purpose and accepting this concept this is essentially what it means to be a Christian.   

In 1st peter 2:9-10 we are told we are God's own people called to proclaim the mightily acts of him who called you out of the darkness into his marvelous light. . . Once you had not received mercy but now you have received mercy.    Now it is our time to share that mercy with the rest of the world.  That can only be accomplished if we all Every man and Woman practice discipleship through Witness, Patience, Faith, and service to those we know and those we have yet to meet.  Let the Mill stone and the Mill be a metaphor for your life in discipleship.  Be filled with noise and activity in the name of Jesus Christ, the Keystone of our house built of living stone, as you complete your work.  Is God calling you today . . . . if so say "It is I Lord, I will come if you call."         

Presented by Mark R. Day 6-22-14 at Heritage United Methodist Church, Lynchburg, VA.